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Design and Technology

Our design and technology studies will aim to teach fundamental skills and knowledge in a themed approach, often with links to other subjects through project-based learning. This will give a real context in which to understand the purpose of their work and the criteria which will make their end product successful. The aim will be for children to understand some of the many real-life applications of design and technology and the key role that this has in the world of work today.

The main areas will cover Mechanical and Electrical Systems, Cooking and Nutrition and Materials and Structures. Each year children will be challenged to become more independent in their planning skills as well as becoming more analytical in their product evaluations.

Cooking and Nutrition

Possibly the most generally-loved strand of any subject, cooking and nutrition will give the children the opportunity to design and make their own 'context-based' food products and then eat them! In groups, the children will follow food from farm to fork, source ingredients then create and cook their meal. Whilst eating their meal as a group, the children will be able to evaluate their work, and offer each other constructive criticism and honest feedback!

Also included will be the importance of food hygiene alongside the usual safety issues that will be considered with the children in all three strands of DT.

Mechanical and Electrical Systems

When researching their project work, children will have the opportunity to deconstruct and then investigate how an increasingly complex set of mechanisms work. By identifying the methods already used to make these 'working products' they will be able to decide whether to try and use the same method, a similar one or their own approach to a variety of mechanism types. This will develop the children’s thinking, encouraging them to work methodically rather than by trial and error.

For children, the challenge will be to use accurately whichever method used and be able to work with others or independently.

Materials and Structures

The combination of materials and structures will challenge the children and ask them to apply their scientific and artistic skills to design and make products that are practical and usable. In each project they will be the ultimate consumer, able to judge for themselves how effective their design has been, and how well constructed their final product is in meeting their brief.

The design technology curriculum will provide a platform for children to develop their own approach to making products and the ability to work both independently and collaboratively.

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