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ICT and Computing

ICT will be used to develop the skills children require to use a wide range of hardware and software in order to process information and images, present work and write their own programs. Children will learn how to use it, as a tool, across all the work that we do at school and home. Fundamental to this work is a core understanding of the safe use and practices that need to be understood by all because of the potential dangers that exist in the online world. Children will be taught what is, and is not, acceptable and what to do if they are not happy or comfortable with any online content.

Although ICT will be used across the curriculum it can be separated into areas including Text, Graphics and Data, Digital Media, and Computing. These will all be taught and learnt in each year group, and the children will be challenged at an ever-increasing level as they are introduced to new skills.

Text, Graphics and Data

These will teach children how to use software as a powerful tool to present their work in electronic or digital form. They will learn to manipulate text, graphics and data, applying the skills to other areas of their work.

Through this our children will become proficient at applying ICT and learn what is becoming an absolutely essential life skill.

Digital Media

Children will be taught to manipulate images, create slideshows and become film producers. Whether being recorded singing, being filmed or filming others and editing the footage, children will see this as a way of presenting their work. The software we use will allow the development of advanced skills that enable children to create their own quality productions using audio and video.

Not only useful as a presentation tool, the study of digital media will also allow children to consider how the same skill sets are the building blocks in secondary and further education, extending into career opportunities.


We will provide opportunities for children to write their own programs and begin developing their own basic software. With the way the world is developing, it will be essential that our children have the opportunity to understand how programming is created.

Using the latest technology
at the heart of teaching and learning


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