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Religious Education

Our religious studies will aim to help everyone gain a greater understanding and knowledge about the faiths held by people across our world and investigate the common themes between them as well as those things that are unique and important to each. We will also challenge and encourage children to follow their interests in RE to further their understanding and tolerance of all. 

The children will study Teachers and Leaders, Ceremonies and Celebrations and Belonging and Beliefs.

Teachers and Leaders

This area will help children to learn about the key roles within the major religions and those important figures who have been central to the development of belief systems and religious thinking.

Through this study children will understand the impact and importance that key leaders and teachers have had on the growth of religions and religious teaching. They will find out about what was important and influential for these people.

Ceremonies and Celebrations

This will provide children with details of the important milestones within each religion. Birth, death and marriage ceremonies will all be considered as well as key festivals.

Children will learn how these ceremonies and celebrations are central to the religious community and how they are linked to the teachings of the faith. 

Belonging and Beliefs

This area will investigate each faith and its main beliefs. Visits to places of worship, and visitors to the school, will provide children with a greater understanding of the community side of religion and the main beliefs held.

These will provide a platform for children to research information and understand the beliefs of others in the context of their own strong family beliefs.

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