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The Curriculum

The basics of reading, writing and arithmetic are the core skills at the heart of any primary school curriculum.

At Westclyst Community Primary School, however, this national curriculum will be extended with the use of technology. The children will learn to program computers, edit video, speak confidently in front of a TV camera and communicate effectively across a variety of different channels.

The breadth of the curriculum includes all of the different subjects, interests and skills the school will teach the children. However, there will also be real depth to it, to ensure that the children will be able to use and apply the knowledge they learn to solve real problems. In addition, each child will have a personalised curriculum that addresses his/her individual needs. The aim is to deliver well-rounded children who have not just a good knowledge, but also excellent skills that will allow them to become citizens in a future generation.

The children will also be given opportunities to sing, play a musical instrument, sail a boat, ride a bike and many other activities, ensuring that the requirements of the national curriculum will be fulfilled an innovative, relevant, exciting and dynamic way.

Head teacher Jonathan Bishop explains:

'We will provide a curriculum that inspires and engages children so that they want to come to school every morning, because they love the opportunities and they are engrossed in learning - that's what every parent wants.'

Reception Class

Reception Class Objectives

Curriculum Plans 2016-17 Autumn Term

Curriculum Plans 2016-17 Spring Term

Using the latest technology
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